Once upon a time…

Studio O’Baby is the product of one woman’s wish to see the face of her unborn child, and share it with her family and friends. Flor was 28 weeks pregnant, and her family buzzed with excitement in anticipation of the new baby; especially her three daughters, whose eyes grew round in amazement when they felt the baby kick against her belly. Flor had heard of developments in ultrasound technology that allowed one to see Baby’s face in 3D and capture their movements on video for adoring family to see. There were not, however, any resources for 3D/4D ultrasound on the North Shore of Boston.

Flor met her business partner Kristian McCoy 19 years ago, where she worked as a clinical assistant. In 2012, she joined his practice as office manager. Flor’s dream found life with Kristian’s business experience and resources… and Studios O’Baby was born!

Flor knew that having such a special moment in a sterile and impersonal setting didn’t fit what she was trying to bring to other expectant mothers and their families. Flor used her own personal needs and taste to build a loving atmosphere where mothers and families can see Baby’s face for the first time.
Flor and Kristian understand that 3D/4D ultrasound is more than just a photograph – it’s the first page in your baby’s life story, and the beginning of your family’s happily ever after.

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