What Is Cryoskin?

If you’ve been hearing a lot about Cryoskin lately, you’re not alone: this incredible technology, which has long been wildly popular in Paris and other European cities, is finally making its way to the United States. Today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at what Cryoskin is, and how it can visibly improve your appearance after just one session! 

At its core, Cryoskin is a cutting-edge cryotherapy treatment that slims and tones fat (and sagging skin) by using sub-freezing temperatures. It’s non-invasive, not painful, and ultimately more sustainable than Botox. Whether you’re booking a Cryoskin treatment for anti-aging effects, to improve your skin’s appearance, or to take inches off your waistline — it’s a science-based approach to slimming and toning that boasts results after your very first session!

How Does Cryoskin Work?

During your session, an expert practitioner will use localized therapy to freeze and ultimately destroy fat cells. These cells are almost immediately absorbed through your lymphatic system and their disappearance is usually noticeable even after your first visit or two.

Cryoskin also has the added benefit of improving circulation and boosting collagen production, two effects that directly contribute to better looking skin. After cryotherapy, your skin will appear visibly tighter, younger, smoother, and clearer than before thanks to reduced inflammation and pores closing. If your skin is naturally prone to redness (such as from rosacea, psoriasis or eczema) or acne, Cryoskin can be a huge blessing in helping to treat those conditions.

Finally, one of the best parts of Cryoskin is the hyper-local approach to treatment. Of course, diet and exercise remain the absolute best ways to lose weight and improve your appearance. But when that one stubborn area (tough, love handles, tough) simply isn’t shrinking as fast as you want, Cryoskin can offer jaw-dropping results. That’s because applying cryotherapy directly to the area in question destroys localized fat cells, whereas your diet and exercise have more of an “overall” effect on your body.

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