Top 3 ways to keep cool when you’re far too pregnant over the summer

keep-cool-1We all know the image – the hot, sweaty, pregnant lady in the summertime, struggling through the heat. Oh, we’ve been there. Sure, you can always try the air conditioning, but that’s not always the best for you and Baby. Too much air conditioning can cause headaches, and you have to go back out into the heat and humidity anyway. So what can you do to help in the meantime? Here are three things to keep in mind when you’re trying to stay cool this summer before Baby arrives.

1. Bring your own natural air conditioning.

There are many different ways to get the air moving around you, from table top to ceiling fans. When these aren’t available, try carrying a pretty folding fan like this one from Remember not to fan too fast, because that’ll heat you up even more! Even better, get someone else to fan you. Looking to get a little cooler? Carry a small spritzer bottle with water in it. A little spritz, a little breeze… instant cool.

keep-cool-22. Wear light colored, natural fibers.

As much as we may love the beautiful flowy fabrics that are so in vogue right now, they are horrible for your skin in the hot weather. Try to choose all natural fabrics for your summer wear – loose fitting items in cotton and linen, like this tunic from Motherhood Maternity. Natural fabrics allow your skin to breathe, so that moisture and heat can escape your skin more easily. For an added touch of shade, top it off with a natural straw chapeau – natural style and natural shade!

3. Cool Compresses

Never underestimate the power of a cool, damp cloth. Place it on your wrists to cool down blood flow going up to your head, consequently cooling the rest of you down. If you have the opportunity to do so, you can use a cool compress on your face or forehead as well.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your personal air conditioning this summer! Who needs high electric bills and headaches? Use these simple tips to keep cool and comfortable this summer. Have a good experience with one of these, or have a great idea to share? Let us know!

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